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California Solar Thermal Statistics is the official public reporting site of the California Solar Initiative (CSI)-Thermal Program, presented jointly by the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators and the California Public Utilities Commission. This site presents actual program data, exported from the CSI-Thermal online application tool every other week.

To access the source data, visit the Download CSI-Thermal Data page.

Using California Solar Thermal Statistics

Watch Tutorial Videos
Navigating the interactive graphics on this site is easy once you get the hang of it. We have made a few tutorial videos to make it even easier! See all videos on our FAQ page.

View Solar Statistics
From solar thermal system costs, to the county with the most roof-top solar, to the total number of systems installed, the View Solar Thermal Statistics menu is your gateway to the most up-to-date information on the California Solar Initiative-Thermal Program. The dynamic filters on each figure allow you to slice and dice the program data to suit your research and evaluation needs. Roll your mouse over the View Solar Thermal Statistics item at the top of the left navigation to get started.

Find a Solar Thermal Contractor
Looking for a solar thermal contractor? Want to know what kinds of projects have been installed in your area? With just a few clicks, find and compare solar contractors working near you.

Download CSI-Thermal Data
Get your hands on the data behind the figures and tables. A spreadsheet containing comprehensive information for the entire program is available here for download.

View Incentive Step Tracker
California Solar Initiative-Thermal Program rebates vary according to utility territory, system size, customer type, and performance and installation factors. The rebates automatically decline in "steps" based on the amount of confirmed project reservations within each program administrator service territory. To find the currently applicable rebate level in your area, check the CSI-Thermal Incentive Step Tracker, which tracks the currently available budget at each step level per utility and per customer type.

Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to your CSI-Thermal statistics-related questions by visiting the FAQ.