Budget Reports

The tables below summarize the committed and remaining incentive budgets for the CSI-Thermal Program for each customer sector and Program Administrator. Administration expenses for the program are not shown here.

To see a budget breakout for the current step, please visit the Program Incentive Step Tracker at csithermal.com/tracker

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Maximum Incentives Budget
The maximum incentives are defined in the CSI-Thermal Program Handbook. Each sector, fuel type, and program administrator gets a defined portion of the total incentive budget.
Allocated amounts are summed from the applications in each fuel type, sector, customer type, and program administrator that have been Reserved or Approved for an incentive. Applications not meeting data completeness criteria are not included in this total
Under Review
Under Review amount includes Single Family Residential applications that have not yet been approved, Multifamily Residential or Commercial applications which do not yet have approved reservations or conditional reservation, and Projects which are on a waitlist. Applications not meeting data completeness criteria are not included in this total.
Total Incentives Allocated or Under Review
The "Total Incentives Allocated or Under Review" are a sum of the two preceding totals.
Current Incentives Remaining
The "Current Incentives Remaining" are the difference between the "Maximum Incentives Budget" and the "Allocated" amount in each fuel type, sector, and customer type. This is the amount of money left in the program for each different type of application.
Current PV Funds Remaining
Funds for electric projects in the CSI-Thermal Program are sourced from the CSI General Market program funds. The "Current PV Remaining Funds" come from the California Solar Statistics General Market Budget Report, Table 2. The corresponding column is called "Remaining Funds".